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Wheel Alignments | Hialeah

Based in Hialeah, Adventure Tires 5 specializes in wheel alignments for optimal tire wear and vehicle handling.

Count on us to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently!

What You Need To Know About Wheel Alignment

Potholes, road wear and accidents can knock your vehicle out of alignment, causing uneven tire wear, pulling to one side and steering wheel vibration. Contact us to keep your wheels aligned to improve road holding and maximize the life of your tires

Our alignment specialists can measure and correct the wheel angles of different vehicles to manufacturer specifications. Proper wheel alignment can help you save hundreds of dollars on replacing tires due to premature treadwear. 

Wheel alignment is an important part of tire maintenance


Alignments Hialeah

Contact us if your tires are wearing unevenly or squeal on turns!

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Wheel alignment is an important part of standard vehicle maintenance. Other times you may need a wheel alignment include:

  • After purchasing new tires
  • After a collision or hitting a large pothole
  • When replacing suspension or steering parts
  • If your vehicle starts pulling to one side

Tire wear is not the only issue that can arise from poorly aligned wheels. Braking distance, driving quality and fuel consumption are also affected.

We recommend getting a four-wheel alignment at least once a year


Alignments Hialeah

Some indicators that you need a wheel alignment include:

Adventure Tires 5 LLC Uneven tread wear
Adventure Tires 5 LLC Vehicle pulling to one side
Adventure Tires 5 LLC Off-center steering wheel when driving straight
Adventure Tires 5 LLC Steering wheel vibration